Our homes are often our sanctuaries, but they can also be a reflection of our internal state. When we go through difficult experiences or emotions, the energy in our homes can become stagnant, creating a sense of heaviness or lethargy. Energy needs to flow, both in our bodies and in our surroundings, for us to feel balanced and energized. Unfortunately, many homes and workplaces are not designed with energy flow in mind, and negative events can leave behind heavy, stagnant energy that can persist if not intentionally cleared. 

This post will discuss a variety of techniques for spiritually cleansing your home. If you make it a practice to clear the air of any clutter or negativity, you may find that your surroundings take on a more buoyant and invigorating vibe. Specifically, this is what you do:

1. Make a fresh resolution for your house.

Thought shapes form. Establish a goal for your house before you do anything else. How would you want your environment to aid you in letting go of anything specific? In what ways do you want to enjoy being at home?

Say something like, “I want to release my ex’s energy and feel tranquil again,” or “I want to clear the bad energy from my house so I can concentrate and be productive.” Declare your goal out loud to activate the changes you want.

2. Try burning some dried herbs.

Certain aromatic herbs have been burned for centuries all over the world to dispel bad vibes. The smoke from any of these ten plants will help clear the air.

3. Carefully position your crystals.

A variety of useful vibrational qualities are imbued in crystals as they were given to us by the earth. Black tourmaline and hematite are two stones that may be used to cleanse the energy in your house.

4. Make a lot of noise as you move about in your area.

A group’s bad energy may be dispersed with the use of rhythmic instruments like drums and gongs, or simply the simple act of clapping hands. To create a sound ritual at home, begin at the entrance and go clockwise around the inside perimeter, playing an instrument (or clapping) toward the walls.

5. Use salt to disinfect your home

All sorts of things, from cutting boards to wounds (ouch! ), have been sterilized with salt, and it also clears bad energy. Some examples of its use around the house are:

  1. Use a spray bottle loaded with water and some sea salt to spritz the air in each room.
  2. A line of sea salt at the doorstep or around the property’s edge might deter intruders.
  3. Mix salt with the water you plan on using to mop the floor.
  4. Light your space with salt lamps from the Himalayas.


6. Spread a clean, lemony aroma across the room.

Many household cleaning solutions have a lemon fragrance for good reason. Citrus scents, especially lemon, are known to stimulate and boost mood. Some unusual domestic applications are as follows:

  1. Scented steam may be made by simmering lemon peels in water.
  2. Set up little bowls of fresh lemon slices all about the house.
  3. Essential oils of lemon should be diffused.


7. Plant odors will fill the room.

Scents other than lemon may also have a refreshing effect on a room: Some essential oils, such as sage, lavender, and frankincense, have been shown to be effective in doing away with bad vibes.

Either put them in a diffuser or mix equal amounts witch hazel as well as distilled water, add 20 to 30 droplets of essential oil, whisk, and spritz your home with the mixture. You may also go for a more natural approach by scattering potted plants throughout the house that emit pleasant aromas, such as peace flowers, aloe, or English ivy.

8. Use your creativity to your advantage.

Visualize a warm, golden light emanating from the center of your chest. Focus on expanding that light until it fills your whole body while you take a few deep breaths. Now, bring that light inside your home, and send forth the desire that any stagnant energy there will dissipate.

9. Get rid of all the extra stuff.

An unwelcoming atmosphere may be created by physical factors such as grime and clutter. Keeping your house tidy and uncluttered removes a potential gathering ground for bad vibes. One last thing: throw open the windows! Inviting in fresh air is like releasing bad vibes.

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