What we are familiar with is our physical body. We know it well, after all, it is our medium of existence. What we might not know as a collective; is that we have a bio-electromagnetic body also known as our auric field, lets call it the “aura” and this is our vibe measuring tool. Like any tool, you want to ensure that it remains clean, imagine using a dirty spoon. EWWW!Imagine you walk into a room full of people, strangers. You look around the room to find a spot among people where you can sit. When you arrive at the spot, you greet and sit and the group of people responds positively. While everyone responds, you pick someone and ask them a question about the scene and they respond with kindness- like they are really cool. Now you realise, this is comfortable. You don’t feel estranged anymore, there’s familiar energy that you can acquaint
The scenario above depicts a situation where you use your aura to search/scan the room and after searching you find an auric frequency that felt comfortable to absorb and you went towards it, that person who becomes your "new friend", that’s the bio-magnetic frequency, their vibe matched yours, you were drawn to that spot because what we are searching for is not a comfortable chair but a comfortable energy space. With this ability to sense and connect, trust me it gets dirty, and like any tool, it has to be cleaned after use, I emphasize this. You may think to yourself, but you can’t touch it so how do you clean what you cannot touch well here's how and why.

Why should we clean our auric feild?

When we use our aura, it connects with other people’s frequency and sometimes a smudge occurs. Think of it as buttering bread with peanut paste, the peanut butter will be on the bread but the tool you used will have peanut butter on it as well even if it is not as much as the bread. the peanut butter could be overhearing a conversation that doesn't sit well with you but you brush it off because it has nothing to do with you. It can even be your colleague's offensive remark that you brush off because how you react says more about you than what they said. All the conversations you have, the places and things you see, all these frequencies that you subtly absorb build up into dirt around your auric field.
You can have smudges of all kinds on you from just being on a bus. Imagine if you use more than 1 bus, you walk in a busy town and you work with a group of people, it simply means you come back with bio-electromagnetic dirt all over you, but the effects of this dirt might not be felt immediately. But, over time you might begin to experience emotional imbalances and once this occurs, it may affect everything you touch because an emotional (energetical motion) imbalance affects creativity, mood, appetite, skin tone and texture, sleep patterns and so much more.

How do you cleanse your aura?

We are made up of all the 5 elements that make up the universe and water is one of them. Use water to cleanse your aura. Simply ensure that you wash the day off your body every evening by taking a bath or a shower. This is important, especially if you have engaged with people directly or indirectly throughout your day.  Water has memory, which means you can be intentional with your bath and actually affirm that you are cleansing your aura. This helps with sleep, lowers your blood pressure as you might need a higher flow during the day than you might need at night. And it brings your temperature to a comfortable level for you to fall asleep which is perfect for your wellbeing. Learn more benefits water from our article on how to program your water for health wealth and success.

So take that bath or shower, cleanse your aura and protect your energy.

By Afro Shakti Writes

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