Here's how to use your fingers to cure your anxiety during this overwhelming time in our lives as a planet. While the media imposes fear upon us with updates that bring only bad news and death reports we are all stuck behind our walls. For most – the walls can be a little claustrophobic or lonely while for others it might be a source of comfort knowing they won't experience any form of social anxiety. But let's stop for a minute and wonder about the people who aren’t used to being in this slowed down version of the world, and the only contact they have with the outside world is the media and well, as noted – not the best source of contact.

How does such a person cope with the feeling of claustrophobia and separation anxiety?

According to studies in mystics and yoga, anxiety is caused by an increase of the air element in a person’s body. The claustrophobic feeling in the chest is caused by an increase in air pressure in the lungs. Thanks to these mystical teachers, there’s a way in which you can kick this anxiety away and help you clear your mind so you can think of ways to keep yourself entertained, energized and engaged in a time like the present.

The Vayu mudra

Our entire body is a source of energy charging and discharging points. Our fingers and the palms of our hands are no different. Touching certain points of our fingers together can help us charge up or discharge energy from our bodies and these finger movements are called Mudras. It is basically yoga in miniature form. The Vayu Mudra helps you control and balance the movement of air in your body which not only helps with anxiety but helps regulate your body to prevent any diseases that can be caused by this irregularity.

How to use your fingers to cure your anxiety?

Simply fold your index finger into the palm of your hand at the base of your thumb and press it down with your thumb while keeping the other fingers straight. For effective results, do the Mudra for 10-15 minutes 3 times a day. It can be done anytime, anywhere. To learn more about Mudras read our article on how to achieve great health and vitality with Mudras
Whenever you begin to feel overwhelmed, turn off your TV, put your phone down and turn to your hands to calm your anxiety.
By Afro Shakti Writes

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