Each of our five fingers represents one of the five elements.

  • Thumb – Fire
  • Index finger – Air
  • Middle finger – Ether / Space
  • Ring finger – Earth
  • Pinky finger – Water
  • Now with this in mind, picture this theory:
Learn how to achieve great health and vitality with Mudras. It is easierto learn this when you realise that the universe is made up of the five elements in the solar system. And internally in the planets as we’ve seen with our very own Mother Earth. We are no different because the same universal matter exists within us. Our bodies have pressure points that can help us connect with our universal power and our fingers play a huge role in this. 
There are ancient techniques that have been discovered and perfected to help us access this power, such as yoga and meditation. There are other methods to apply alongside the practices of Yoga and Meditation in order to align with a specific intention. When performing meditation, you can include Mudras, which are actually the subject of the day. Mudras are hand gestures, that when performed have a powerful link to our body’s elements. You can use Mudras to balance the energy of these elements to attain great health and vitality to achieve great success.

What are Mudras?

Mudras are hand gestures  mostly known in Hinduism and Buddhism but are not limited only to religious application, instead, they have overall spiritual and physical health benefits. The most common Mudra is called the Gyan/Chin Mudra. You may have seen people meditating while sitting in a lotus pose with their hands on their knees and palms facing up. Their thumb and index finger touching at the tips while the three other fingers remain straight and extended.

here’s How to achieve great health and vitality with Mudras

The Gyan Mudra is very powerful which is why it may seem so commonly used. It has both spiritual and physical benefits. The mudra helps calm the mind. This is done by bringing balance to the fire and air elements in the body while relaxing the more solid elements as well as the ether in the body. Oxygen is then able to flow properly across the body, which allows blood circulation to occur in a more balanced manner. 
This Mudra can activate channels in the body to balance the body’s temperature to help improve your vitality and result in great health. It also helps to balance the body’s temperature which therefore is good for blood pressure. There are many other benefits to this Mudra. By simply touching certain points of your fingers together, you stimulate and activate certain energy channels in your mind, body and spirit. It is therefore important to know what you are activating in order to get the best out of your use of Mudras. We have articles that go in-depth into specific Mudras for specific purposes. Check out our articles on how to cure anxiety, using Mudras. 

Keep learning, unlearning and connecting with your inner being. Namaste

By Afro Shakti Writes

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